8 Tips for Bloggers – ways to increase your earnings with ayboll

Created by bloggers for bloggers, ayboll is the #1 choice for anyone looking to earn extra money from their blog. It couldn’t be simpler – just add ayboll’s free widget to your blog and you can be generating money immediately.

It gets even better. With over 10,000+ bloggers and publishers in our network, we have seen how bloggers can boost their earnings by positioning their widget for maximum impact. Below is our guide to achieving just that – use these top ten tips and watch your earnings grow!

1. Widget position

Place your ayboll widget underneath your latest blog post, just above the Comments section. This is the best position for your widget in terms of performance and earning potential.

2. Customise your widget

Ensure you blend your widget into your blog’s existing design. ayboll not only allows this but encourages it. At the very least, avoid giving your widget a garish ‘banner ad’ appearance.

3. Line up the widget accurately

Use your WordPress ‘Image Size’ slider to ensure the widget lines up correctly on the blog page. By making your widget easy to view, earnings are boosted.

4. Choose a widget title that suits your blog

ayboll allows you to headline your widget in any way you choose. By integrating the headline in keeping with the rest of your blog (e.g ‘You May Also Like’), you will enhance your widgets performance.

5. Improve your URL structure so that it contains the most relevant ‘keywords’

Our technology works by scanning your page and matching the most relevant ads and articles. By getting your keywords right, you will improve the performance of your widget.

6. Post good quality content regularly

To increase your readership and blog views, make sure that you are constantly posting high quality articles and posts.

7. Maintain your Twitter and social media presence

To increase visibility and boost readership, post links to your latest blog articles on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

8. Keep your blog clean and uncluttered

Avoid covering your blog pages in multiple forms of advertising and avoid messy text links and banner ads. By doing this, you will enhance the performance of your ayboll widget.

By implementing these 8 easy tips, you can be certain that ayboll’s widget will perform better and boost your earnings. Not only that, but your website’s look and feel will be improved, encouraging longer dwell times, more repeat visits and further revenue generation!

ayboll reaches 2.2 billion monthly recommendations and 5 million unique visitors

In just a few short months, ayboll has reached the heady total of 2.2 billion monthly recommendations and 5 million unique visitors across its network of publishers and bloggers.

We’re enormously pleased with this figure, coming so soon after re-launch, and we’re even more excited to see our visitor numbers increase on a weekly basis.  In fact we fully expect our visitor traffic to double over the next month or so.

Welcome to ayboll!